“The Loft is a protected environment. I can leave my life at the door when I go to the Loft.”  

– Matt, Game Loft member

At the Game Loft, young people thrive in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe.  Kids and adults know each other by name.  The rules are simple, clear, and posted in plain sight.  The members, staff and volunteers are taught how to enforce the rules gently but fairly.  All Game Loft members, staff and volunteers are expected to model responsible behavior.

The program has six simple, clear rules.  If someone cannot honor the rules they are asked to leave with a clear understanding that they are welcome back tomorrow with a clean slate.

1. No Swearing

2. No Physical Contact

3. No Throwing Things

4. Respect each Other

5. Pick up your Mess

6. No Stealing

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