“I started coming to the Loft when a friend invited me.”  

-Zach, Game Loft member

At the Game Loft, young people thrive in an environment where they understand that we are all in it together: adults, kids, volunteers, staff and board members.  Game Loft youth are motivated and committed because they know they belong and have significant roles as participants and leaders.  Each year a new membership tee-shirt is distributed with a logo and slogan of the year on the back; but on the front it always says, “The Game Loft OWNER”.


A young person, age 6-18, becomes a member of the Game Loft by simply enrolling in a scheduled activity, completing the registration form with parental approval and signature and getting their tee-shirt.  Membership is free.  Members, as opposed to unregistered drop-ins, are tracked on a ladder of success that follows the eight keys of Positive Youth Development and uses progress on the Five Cs as a critical measurement.

THE FIVE CS: Competent, Confident, Caring, Connected and Contributing

We achieve inclusivity through the magic words, “Do you want to play a game?” Each kid receives that invitation many times a day at the Loft.

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