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School vacation should be a time for kids to have fun and be carefree.  Unfortunately, the reality is that many kids are left isolated and lonely when school doors close with families still busy working and long distances separating them from their peers.  That’s why at the Game Loft we’re open year-round offering free van-transportation to and from our site in Belfast during school breaks.  

This April Vacation at the Loft, we got outside to enjoy the changing weather with the start of Live Action Combat season.  Rio ran an epic Star Wars miniatures battle that all came down to a square off between the Imperial Forces and a small, scrappy troop of bounty hunters.  In the end, Henry’s massive Imperial army managed to overwhelm the bounty hunters and claim victory!  The week was capped with a special Pax Britannica event hosted at First Baptist Church (more to come on that soon), and a treat of blueberry pie for Friday night dessert. 

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