Viewing the sunset Adjusted front Rock

“I have hope for my future.”

-Jay, Game Loft member

The Game Loft Theory of Change

The approach used by The Game Loft is sequenced, uses active learning styles, is focused on social and emotional learning, and is explicit about what we hope to accomplish.  This so-called SAFE system is widely recognized as effective in out-of-school time programs. (University of Wisconsin 2008)

At the Game Loft successes start small and build over the years to encompass a whole successful life.  A youth with a successful life has hope for the future and a reasonable expectation that those hopes will be fulfilled.  We applaud our kids at every success on the way to adulthood and we welcome adult alumni back to teach success to the next generation.

“The Game Loft saved my life when I was in high school.”

-John, Game Loft alumnus

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