Events & Trips


Major Annual Events

Youth Volunteer Awards – last Friday in October: celebrates the community involvement part of the mission

End of Year Party – third Friday in June: celebrates the non-electronic games part of the mission

Board Annual Meeting – second Wednesday in September: election of Board officers

Board Annual Retreat – within 60 days of annual meeting: Board engagement in strategic planning


Special Events

Game Loft Youth Advisory board – bi-weekly meetings: leadership development program; members of youth advisory board advise staff and board directors about Loft programs and practices, and host and operate fundraising events and programs

Magic Tournaments – once monthly on Saturdays: fundraiser for Youth Activities fund

‘Speak Your Mind!’ – March: Game Loft’s annual Public Speaker’s Tournament 

‘Pax in Our Time’ – April 26 & 27, 2019: community wide program and gala event

Searsmont Memorial Day Parade – Memorial Day:  Game Loft marches in parade with costumes giving younglings a chance to volunteer

Cedar Street Yard Sales– early June: community fundraisers to support youth activities fund

Gaming Conventions/ Shows– occasional Saturdays: road trips to participate in Maine Historical Game Day programs, in January to SnowCon in Bangor, and in May for the annual convention in South Portland (these are youth activity events)


4-H Collaborative Events and programs

CWF trip – early July: Two Game Loft leaders go to Washington DC as ambassadors as part of the Citizen Washington Focus (CWF) program

Game Loft Speakers Bureau – on going: A program of the Leadership Club that trains Loft members to speak in public about the Game Loft