Special Programs

Programming that makes an IMPACT

At the Game Loft we believe in the importance of solutions not the power of problems. Our goal for each kid is to become caring, confident, competent, connected, and contributing. We offer kids countless opportunities to achieve mastery in social skills and resiliency while enjoying friends, food, and safety. Our objectives are realistic, measurable, and verified. At the Game Loft we believe that favorable outcomes are achieved through self-knowledge and being embedded in a community (whether it be a geographic community or a community of interest). Genuine success for our kids is making a difference in their community and allowing it to make a difference in them.



The Game Loft uses the SAFE model:

Sequenced learning,

Active Engagement,

Focus on academic, social, & emotional learning

Explicit goals and objectives

The safe model is widely recognized as effective for out-of-school time programs. Our activities help youth move from adolescence to confident and competentadulthood.




Practice is essential to the creation of positive habits. To help youth become connected and contributing adults they need opportunities to be involved in positive activities.Game Loft youth serve their communities as junior staff, mentors, and volunteers.




The Game Loft offers programs that foster civic engagement. History based role-play games give kids an in-depth understanding of our country. Trips around the state introduce them to the people, places, problems, and potential of the state of Maine.Our goal is to raise aspirations and encourage community involvement for the future of Maine.




Mentoring emphasizes relationships across generations.  Successful mentoring takes place over years and assists growth both in the mentee and mentor. Mentoring seeks to create resiliency and to help overcome barriers to success. Although there are times when mentoring may appear casual, Game Loft mentoring is always intentional.




Young people who have involved families are more likely to have better social skills show pro-social behavior, and have higher aspirations. The Game Loft strives to offer individualized programs that will meet the needs of youth, families, and community.

Young people who have the support and acceptance of a community are more confident. This improves family life for the teen. Families are a part of the growing success of the teen through community events, intentional programs, and informal volunteering.