Promoting Positive Youth Development

through non-electronic games and community involvement

General Programming


Program Details

Every aspect of the Game Loft program promotes the eight keys of Positive Youth Development as fundamental to program outcomes:

  • safety
  • belonging
  • self-worth
  • independence
  • relationships
  • achievement
  • recognition

These keys foster a belief that a young person has a future and that success is possible. The Game Loft operates during non-school hours, including school vacation and the summer months, offering developmentally appropriate recreation through a variety of non-electronic games and opportunities for community involvement that enrich academics, promote engagement in learning, build social and life skills, foster healthy family relationships, and guide youth to become caring, competent, confident, connected, and contributing adults.

The Game Loft does not discriminate based on race, color, creed, income, disability, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.

At The Game Loft we have used a variety of measurement tools including the Developmental Assets Profile to assess the well-being of our participants. Youth development research shows that involvement in the program for a minimum of two days or six hours a week increases assets and improves functioning.

The Game Loft is affiliated with 4-H and is a non-traditional 4-H club. Some of the most extensive research on youth development is currently being performed through 4-H. The Game Loft uses those research findings to ensure that our programs embody the most current thinking in the field of Positive Youth Development.