Support the Game Loft’s Annual Appeal

Dear Friends of the Game Loft,

Someday you will face a life-changing event. In that moment you will depend on the skill and wisdom of a surgeon, a judge, a police officer, a minister, or a president. When that day comes I hope you are in the hands of a Game Loft graduate. Here are three reasons for you to invest in the young people who may someday hold your life in the balance:

Food Some have said that the Game Loft kids can get by on ramen noodles and rice because they are filling and cheap. We say that growing bodies and minds need fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains to function at their peak. Healthy kids need healthy food to sustain them today and to help them function effectively in the future.  Last year we served 4,015 nutritionally balanced meals and snacks to hungry kids.

Please help us feed the hungry by giving generously to the Game Loft.

Transportation At the Game Loft we believe that rural, social, and technological isolation are the enemies of a healthy life. According to a study done by Julianne Hold-Lundstad, PhD, social isolation has the same health consequences as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. A lonely, isolated kid is a target for drugs or other trouble. If kids can’t access Game Loft programs they may never learn the skills that help them become adults who are caring, confident, competent, contributing, and connected. Worse yet, they may become angry, defeated, unskilled, and self-centered.  Which would you prefer when your time of need comes?

Please reach out to kids by giving generously to the Game Loft .

Positive Youth Development The Game Loft is about more than just playing games, it is about mentoring youth to help them gain wisdom. As they grow, Game Loft kids will still see the wonder of the world. They will achieve much without being blinded by superficial success. They will learn to value character over fame. The Game Loft teaches kids to listen and ask questions and to respect the opinions of others. They will grow in hope, regardless of what is happening around them. Game Loft kids learn how to take knowledge and apply it in new circumstances for the common good. Last year we helped 275 kids grow in knowledge and wisdom. Your gift is an investment in the future, their future and yours.

Invest in knowledge and wisdom as though your life depended on it.

You can donate today at or by mailing your check made payable to ‘The Game Loft’ to 78A Main St.; Belfast, ME 04915. Thanks to your donations, programs at the Game Loft are free and open to all youth. 

Celebrating 21 years of service to kids,

Patricia and Ray Estabrook, co-Founding Directors

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